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Your services are Superior! Your staff is very watchful and caught symptoms early. Knowledge is power. I would definitely not hesitate to recommend your service to everyone.

– Blain P., Hospice Nurse

Your service is excellent!!! My parents were reluctant and now they are very pleased. We wouldn’t change a thing.

– Annette B., Daughter & Doctor

The staff did a wonderful job, and we are extremely happy with our service. We will definitely recommend you to others.

– Joann A., Client

It is an AMAZING Joy to have I Need An Angel involved with my Mom. You have lifted my Stress 90% Thank You.

– Dee A., Daughter

I just had to let you know we are very pleased. What a service you have.

– Ed B., Spouse

My Angel is very attentive to my husbands needs. I could not get by without her.

– Jane B., Spouse

You are such a good company and I know because I have tried other care companies in the past. You have the highest quality staff who really have a good understanding of my Moms needs. She has lived to be 100 because of you and the matches you do.

– Laura B., Daughter

I am so pleased with I Need An Angel. My husband and I really enjoy Janice and I feel confident going to the store now and my husband doesn’t say he doesn’t need a babysitter anymore because they are having fun. She reads to him and they do exercises.

– Jessie B. Spouse

I am very satisfied with I Need An Angel services. You have been very helpful, very responsive, understanding and always willing to help us. We are very appreciative. A+ Job

-Mary Ann B., Client

I love this service.

– Sylvia G. Client

As an Elder care Adviser and Regional Director of A Place for Mom for more than 4000 families, I consistently received high praise from families who I referred to INA. I found I Need An Angel to be very professional, extremely reliable, and positive. They always tried hard to exceed client expectations. INA has consistently been able to provide a well-matched caregiver, not just a warm body, because they screen applicants to find the best, then treat them well.I am retired now. I will not hesitate to contact I Need An Angel if I or a loved one need home care.

– Brenda M, Advisor & Community Advocate

Thank you for everything you do for our family. I really appreciate you going above and beyond for us.

– Eleanor H., Client

You guys are Awesome; you always go above and beyond on everything you do!! I am very thankful for all you do. You are ANGELS!

– Sara S., Sister

I appreciate I Need An Angel’s good service. I feel supported and taken care of. Not only will I continue to use your services I will refer you to others.

– Millie C., Spouse

Fantastic Job! I am very satisfied with your service you really know how to handle Clients needs.

– Richie S., Nephew

You guys are wonderful. It is just great how you helped in a difficult situation. You work so hard to help them in every way.

– Sue E., Daughter

I appreciate you guys and everything you do. I am so glad you have expanded your services to help us in any way you can.

– Cathy H. Spouse

I have heard nothing but good things about your organization and they were right. The Caregivers are great. Don’t know what we would do without them!!

– Linda P. Daughter

I have only good things to say about your organization. I actually pass out your brochures because we are so pleased with the services you provide.

– James H. Brother & Professor

Everything is wonderful. The Caregivers arrive on time and complete all the daily tasks. Both of our Caregivers are great and I love that you always keep me informed.

– Melissa M., Daughter

Everything is going very well, just beautifully. My Caregiver has the exact skills that I need which is important for my healing process. I am very pleased and so very happy; everything is so amazing and beautiful.

– Millie L., Client

It is so nice to have consistency. Everyone has been so nice, you have really help us when we were in a difficult time. You just handle things so well.

– Elly H. Daughter

Thank you for such a good job. Your service was is exactly what we needed.

– Mitch P., Son

Service is Great. I am very happy with your services and would recommend you to anyone.

– Ruth K., Client

Very happy with your services and the Caregiver.

– Ray K., Client

At first, I was really worried about a match and now my husband asks if his Caregiver is coming this week. That is so exciting for me. Your organization is very supportive and I appreciate you tremendously.

-Patricia M., Spouse

My family loves the Caregiver, she interacts well and we feel very comfortable. Can’t believe you had someone who speaks Italian. Great job.

– Loretta M., Daughter

My Mom has Alzheimer’s and my daughter had to go to the hospital for an emergency with my grandson. It was a miracle to get help right away so I could be with family in the hospital. It was a leap of faith to think they could even respond so quickly. Thanks so much I Need An Angel you are an amazing company in every way!

– Elizabeth T., Daughter

How do you do it? I wished your company was in Ohio for my Mom. You are so helpful and I appreciate everything you do.

-Betty T., Client

Our Caregiver is wonderful and Dad loves her. You are a wonderful company and everyone has been so good to us. I highly recommend Rebecca and Amanda to anyone who needs this service.

-Marilyn B., Daughter

Very good service, what a great talent in placing people. I appreciate the intuition and the wise ability you bring to the service. Mom has the perfect Angel, a good match you are so amazing. I think your service is a brand of its own. I love that you take the time to talk through things and figure them out. I want to congratulate you all on such a well run company.

– Christie R., Daughter

Thanks for the temporary help, we appreciate your quality care. You should know your Caregiver was top quality hold on to her. I will certainly request her if we need anything in the future.

-George M., Son

I am so impressed with your services. You do a lovely job and I appreciate you so much. I didn’t know about your services before and I wish I did. You make things so easy.

– Catherine S., Client

Your service was great!!!

Beneda T., Client

I wanted to thank you for everything. I am very happy with your services.

-Patty W., Client

Before I Need An Angel, I spent two years hiring agencies and people just so my Mom could fire them. I love how they stay two steps ahead. My Mom has always undermined everything and they are smart thinkers. I Need An Angel staff is always professional, they do such a good job- it is a pleasure working with them.

– Chris P., Daughter

You are passionate about what you do and It is extremely evident how much you care for your patients.

-Keefe D., Agency Owner

You guys are the BEST, I Love You! Life is about working together, and I am so grateful for everything I Need An Angel has done for me. It means the world to me, and as long as you guys are with me I know I am going to be all right.

-Robin B., Client

It is my pleasure to recommend I Need An Angel to anyone in need of in home care and support. My Mother was cared for with the utmost attention and all my requirements and requests were addressed immediately. I was immediately advised of any significant situation or changes in her condition that may have required further attention. I travel extensively and was completely confident to leave for extended periods of time. The care givers paid great attention to my Mother’s food choices, how she liked meals prepared and accommodated any needs and requests she had around the clock. They were engaging and ensured they kept her involved in regular dialogue and conversation to her maximum capacity.

So for the families as well as the individual, I Need An Angel is the BEST choice for in-home care at any level, from interim support to 24 hours live in requirements.

-Susan M., Daughter

I’m very glad that INA is looking after my aunt, and especially pleased that she has been able to remain home as long as she has. That’s the type of care I would want if I live that long!

-Maureen D., Niece

I want to bless you and bless your work, you have always been there for me. I love you all!

-Mary B., Client

Ya’ll went way, way, way above and beyond! Thank you!! I really am very impressed. I’ve worked in healthcare for many years, and I do understand how much you guys are going the extra mile. So again, thank you!!

-Susan J., Daughter

Our Caregiver is an excellent Angel and a blessing to my mother. She is doing an excellent job. She is sensitive to my mother’s age related limitations, she is very responsible and efficient in her communications, and takes initiative like a daughter would do to protect an aging parent. My Mother appreciates her and their comfortable relationship. It’s nice for my Mother to look forward to her Angel coming every week. We are very pleased with the services of I Need An Angel. Thank you for giving us peace. It a “Divine” fit! Thank you!

-Virginia T., Daughter


We have removed last names to protect the privacy of our Clients,
our extended family.

My Caregiver, Barbara with I Need An Angel is great. She is truly the best Caregiver I have had with an Agency and she is the best fit for my Sally. I am very pleased with the services I have received.

– Charles O., Spouse

You are more than an agency and you go out of your way and really care about Allen. I am so glad for it. Allen said he is so blessed to have two fine ladies to work with him and be able to have the office handle anything that comes up.

– Ann P. Friend & Neighbor

I don’t know how you do it. You are heroes!

– Eric T., Son

You have just been wonderful and supportive. It is just great how you jump in and helped me and my Dad. His hospital visit has been very overwhelming and I can’t believe how great your service is. You are so focused on my Dad. You do have just a great service. Thank You

– Dr. Roger C., Son & Doctor

I appreciate and admire the calm I Need An Angel represents in a critical situation. I appreciate the great clarity they have as well. Thank you for all your help over the years.

– Susan C., Daughter & Attorney

I really appreciate everything you do. I am happy to have you and your Angels to always help me out.

– John B. Son

It is common to complain but I have to tell you I am amazed. Your service is wonderful and I am very content and kudos’s to you!!!

-Diane D., Client

To anyone who is looking at becoming a Client or an Employee with I Need An Angel, Inc. I have been in this field for many years. I also had my own Group Home and then did Private Home Care. I oversaw the care of a, at the time, 99 year old woman. I had a full time job, so as things progressed she needed more care. I was told about I Need An Angel by a mutual friend. I spoke with them and could feel the compassion they had for what they were doing and that meant a lot to me. I hired them to be with my friend while I was working. They were on top of everything, her needs, making sure the caregiver was a good fit, making sure the schedule was always covered, and always informing me of any concerns. I never had to worry about the care, that she was getting, which allowed me to take care of all the other responsibilities I had with my job and family. I highly recommend I Need An Angel, in what ever area you are looking. I know they all do their ‘Best’ to ‘Be The Best

-Sharon N. Professional, Friend

I grade you an A in service. You anticipate needs and I really enjoy the staff.

– Irene D., Client

Services were GREAT! I wouldn’t change anything about your services. My Mother is doing better than ever. You are EXCELLENT!!

– Jimmy E., Son

We are very pleased with everything you do. The Caregivers go above and beyond. We couldn’t be happier with your service.

– Jim F., Brother

You are a God send.

– Morley K., Client

I saw your ad in the OLPH bulletin and referred you to my neighbor. You met her at the hospital and then started services for her on Saturday. I just had to tell you that you guys are awesome! You are doing a great job and my neighbor and I are very impressed by the person you sent. I am so glad I found you.

– Don B., Neighbor and EMT

Things are Perfect! Our Angel dotes on Mom, and she really anticipates her needs. Great match she needed someone who is less clinical and more interesting. She hasn’t had one case of thrush and I contribute that to your care. Great job.

– Susan F., Daughter

Your company is Excellent!

– Mike F., Son

I am so happy with your service, it is so much more than I expected, it has just been great. I appreciate how wonderful and nice the staff has been and my Mom is so pleased.

– Laurie G., Daughter

Services are great! I wish I would have known about you guys earlier.

– Anita G., Daughter

I am crazy about my caregiver she is so efficient. I rate your service A+++. I found you in the bulletin and everyone should know about you.

– Lenore H., Client

I really enjoyed the staff coming over and getting my home ready for her when she got out of the hospital. I can tell that our staff really cares about helping and its makes me feel better about humanity. It was so nice to come home to a safe environment and I am very grateful for all your hard work.

– Deborah H. Client

Very Impressed!

– Carol F., Spouse

Love this service.

– Billy K., Spouse

You are the most amazing organization out there. No one does what you do for your Clients.

– Decker W., Clients Doctor

Service is great, my Angel is very good, polite and great at listening to my needs.

– Kristine K., Client

I am thoroughly impressed and very pleased with your services.

– Margaret K., Client

Very satisfied with I Need An Angel services!

– Christine S., Daughter

Fantastic and Great service. I went to the Senior Center with my Angel and my friends asked: Where do you find these awesome caregivers? Thanks

– Lillian K. Client

I love your service and I referred you to my friends. You actually do what you say and your office staff is great.

– Joy M., Client

You have so much to deal with and still you have a great team. You guys are doing a fantastic job and are a very solid company.

– Bill M., Son

I love my Caregiver and I wouldn’t change a thing.

– Bill M., Client

I am very satisfied with the service. You guys are great.

– William N., Spouse and Judge

My parents are really happy with everything. The staff is very friendly, always smiling and happy. My mom really looks forward to the company.

– Robert O., Son

I appreciate you so much and absolutely recommend your company.

– Brooks T., Daughter

My brother and I have noticed a big difference in our Mom. She even called me pretty girl. We are so appreciative of you and what you do. I know Dad can be tough to be around but OMG so very pleased with your services.

– Gail P., Daughter

Very pleased with the service, very qualified. Everyone did a really good job.

– Lydia R., Client

I Need An Angel works so hard for us and does a great job, we really appreciate it.

-MaryAnn S., Spouse

It is clear you all are in the right business. Doing wonderful work while helping our community.

– Mimi W., Adviser

Service is spectacular, just amazing. Everyone did a really good job and I gained 3 pounds since I started with caregivers and that’s really, really good news.

– Mary S., Client

You have been real Angels!

– Debra S., Daughter

Our Angel is very loving and caring and we are blessed to have her. We are very happy with your service and glad you are always on top of things.

– Loraine T., Client

We are so fond of you and your dedication and we never knew how to properly say Thank you. We wish you all the success that you so deserve. You certainly can feel good about the job you do.

– Robin R., Granddaughter

I Need An Angel is always available when I need them. I enjoy the services and wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again.

– Barbara C., Client

The heartfelt care that I witnesses to provide ultimate care to your Clients is amazing.

-Andrea A., Daughter

Anyone can feel the compassion your company has.

– Mike D., Attorney

Thank you for all you do for others, your employees, and me. From where I stand you are very, very much appreciated.

– Jim C., Client

We would like to increase Linda’s visits, Dad thinks the world of her and really enjoys her company. Both Linda and Ned have really been Guardian Angels for our family, as well Amanda and Jeremiah (Office Staff). It gives me great comfort knowing that Dad and (Brother) Jim are in the care of competent, caring people…bless you for that!

– Most Sincerely, Sarah S., Daughter & Sister of Clients

We have removed last names to protect the privacy of our Clients,
our extended family.

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