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When You Need an Angel, Call Rebecca Barcy

From her 1940’s roll-top desk, Rebecca Barcy spends her days, nights and weekends working to bring peace of mind and exceptional quality care to those who need it. Surrounded by walls covered in inspirational quotes and often times her immediate family members who work alongside her, Barcy has made a living out of giving.

As CEO/President of I Need An Angel, Inc., a non-medical, in-home care company, Barcy helps seniors and others (recovering from surgery or suffering from chronic illness) stay at home. Barcy works tirelessly to match caregivers/personal assistants to clients based on their own individual and custom needs. We are providing a supportive environment for the client and their family, but at the heart of the company, Barcy says they are providing so much more.

“We tell our clients ‘You are not alone or on your own, anymore!’ We are a full service company. We support and guide our families, without bias, through options for Home Care, Assisted Living Housing, Skilled Nursing and more. We are true advocates for you, your parents at home, hospital & facility,” she says adding, “It’s the greatest company in the world!”

Barcy, who according to her staff should be considered an Angel herself employs everyday Angels—CNA’s, LNA’s, retired nurses, personal assistants, and nurturing caregivers that she calls “Angels on Assignment.” These Angels provide hourly or live-in care that might include companionship, transportation, hygiene assistance or skilled care for progressive illness. The most important function they provide to their clients is peace of mind and completed to-do lists.

“We are an extension to your family when health or injury has turned your life upside down, overnight or overtime. Although a majority of our Clients are elderly we also help people who are chronically ill and have temporary surgery needs. We are also providing an additional personal assistant to the Family Caregiver so she/he can relax, spend more quality time with family and still get things done,” she says.

Too often the relative or friend helping the client becomes overwhelmed with tasks but is afraid to ask for help, doesn’t know what kind of help is available, or also struggles with letting go of responsibilities because they feel guilty if they aren’t doing it. Barcy says that they can be hurting the situation more than helping and that’s where I Need An Angel can step in.

Your relationship is more important than the to-do list. She said when you wait you lose all the time you could enjoy. It would be sad to say the pharmacist, the grocer, dry cleaners, and the dog groomer and I got to know each other pretty well but my Mom/Dad and I just didn’t have any time to just spend together. Do you know your Mom or Dads favorite holiday memory? Do you know if they have a favorite color? Can you just sit and be with them? Or if there are family dynamics involved you spend less time being pulled in different directions and are calmer and able to handle things as they come up easier, because you have support.

“I love that we can help someone out of this spiraling thick fog of uncertainty when they just couldn’t think anymore. You know how it goes when you are stressed. You start ignoring eating and sleeping and taking care of yourself. Ask any boss or spouse how stressed someone can get who is also caring for someone who is ill. That person will literally start to age in front of you. You can feel the stress even if they don’t tell you the challenges they are trying to cope in.”

Caregiving for a family member includes the clinical/physical side but it really affects you emotionally. No-one can prepare you for what you are feeling. When our Client’s family stops running around for prescriptions, making calls for doctor appointments, and they aren’t getting out of bed at 2 a.m. to go check on Mom/Dad or handle last minute emergencies anymore this improves family and work relationships. Everything is easier. This alone can affect everyone they come in contact with so 2 or 10 or 100 people in any given day can be happier because we helped one family.”

She notes that while it may appear be the hardest decision it is the smartest decision. I Need An Angel; Inc. allows a daughter, son, spouse or sibling to be a daughter, son, spouse or sibling without the full time role of caregiver. It allows the relative or friend to focus on their relationship with their loved one rather than all the tasks and needs associated with caregiving.

“To say ‘I Need’ creates ownership of what a person needs and we all need help,” she says.

Founded in 2004 and incorporated in 2005, I Need An Angel, Inc. was an unexpected endeavor for Barcy at first. With a background in graphic design she began her entrepreneurial career in T-shirts. Using her marketing skills and legal education and background, she realized she has a knack for running other successful businesses

“For 13 years I owned a screen printing and embroidery company called I Need A T-Shirt. We did a lot of t-shirts for different walks, non-profits and colleges and it was really fun. We sold the business when we moved from Buffalo, New York to Arizona because some of the machines were over 800 pounds so they didn’t come with us,” she laughs.

She realizes now she is a “serial entrepreneur” and she has always constantly been drawn to marketing or reading books on small business ownership. But she says that no matter what business a person works in, there’s one thing they should always strive for: exceptional service.

When asked what motivated her to start I Need An Angel, Inc. Rebecca doesn’t hesitate: “Fairness and my daughter,” she says. I ended up with I Need An Angel, Inc. by accident but it has always been by design. Everything I ever did lead me to here.”

After owning a few companies she thought she wanted to work for someone else thinking she would still be able to devote herself to her work but not have to think about running the company 26 hours a day. She took a job as a director in the health care industry but grew disheartened at the treatment of the caregivers, the lack of support and consideration for the clients, and the mismatching of caregiving experience and personalities.

“There was no real consideration for people and what they wanted and it would have only been by coincidence they received what they needed. It literally made me sick,” she says. “I feel the opposite- pay fairly, listen to what people want, fill the need and you will have less chaos which is what a company should be investing in. So my daughter said there is a real need here why not start a better company. I was working so hard anyway and so after 6 months research and a business plan I Need An Angel was born.”

I Need An Angel, Inc. prides itself on providing exceptional quality care and an unparalleled screening and matching process for their employees and their clients. The company’s mission is to strive to be recognized as the leader in the industry for “someone to depend on” and Barcy makes sure of it.

“I think running a business is wearing a lot of hats at the same time while you balance on a tight rope and sing I am a little tea pot. I actually enjoy the balancing act on most days. I think managing a home care company means you have to meet people where they are today without judgment and with love,” she says.

“You have to stay with what is the intention and take every ounce of ego out of helping the senior, the chronically ill, the overwhelmed daughter, son, or spouse, the well meaning neighbor or sister in law, the disconnected, and the depressed. You have to acknowledge what they are feeling is ok. You have to lift them up out of the fog of fear, anxiety, and too many choices or not enough support, so they can breathe and then break down everything that needs to be done to one manageable day at a time”

Barcy says, “What matters is the person you love and the time you have together because nothing is forever. I Need An Angel, Inc. is an extension of your family and we help you have a better best life and best better memories because you still have time to do what is important.”

Barcy says, “She knows because she has been through it with her parents too and she knows it’s hard to manage everything when it’s all a priority. You have to make sure you are spending time on the right things because family is important.” She has worked at the office amongst grandbabies as young as 2 weeks old, brought her cat or dog with her to the office on weekends and has visited Clients with her husband to fix or repair something.

It makes sense that she’s made a career out of helping others care for family when it’s the most important part of her life. Barcy started growing up in the small town of Wellsville, New York. Her Mom was married 3 times and her Dad twice so she gained brothers and sisters along the way. She lived mostly with her 2 brothers and the rest were separated, she says.

By the time she was 20 years old, Barcy had lived in 22 different homes including court appointed neighbors and an orphanage. Having faced a number of struggles and evictions as a child, Barcy often took the role of family manager.

“My family would say I was born an adult. I managed the schedules and care and support for everyone. I used to be very shy and quiet. I think I have always known what is important and enjoyed little things,” she says. Like celebrating other people’s birthdays- I always try to send a card.”

And it’s the little things she continues to enjoy. Her I Need An Angel family and now the non-profit High Fives Charity help Seniors who can’t afford the help they need and helps caregivers who need education, coaching and respite. She will continue to work hard on their behalf but never overlook the joy of teaching yoga to her seven grandchildren, singing along in the car and changing the words or gathering fresh produce from the farmers market and checking out everything Arizona has to offer, Barcy sees the future as bright.

“My life focus is on community and working as a team together. I am ‘for you’ and that kind of belonging leaves a footprint designed to make your life everything and anything beyond what you can imagine, if you are listening,” she says. “I want to live the kind of life that contributes to changes in the world, one family at a time.”

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