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Welcome to I Need An Angel, an Award Winning Homecare service at home, hospital or facility. Doctors, professionals & families refer us 1st, because “Love is the first order of business with us.” Since 2004, Voted #1 home health care agency by Ranking AZ! We support individuals, increase independence, and provide creative solutions to stay safe and comfortable any place you call home. Our extensive employee application process is unmatched, anywhere! You get the best! We are a professional extension of your family and we strive to be recognized as the leader in this industry for “Caregivers You Can Depend On”.

Our Focus

Our focus is on reducing anxiety with creative solutions. As your advocate, you have never dealt with a company that is “there for you”, like we are! Custom services are available 24/7. Personalized service includes assistance with housekeeping and meals, hygiene and mobility, doctor appointments, errands and companionship including a lunch and movie friend. We can even assist when you need to move from your home, or you just want a haircut, pedicure, any wellness session or a Doctor/Nurse visit at home! Backup Plan available too, “Because You Never Know”. Learn about our, as needed, Backup Plan. Services Available Valley Wide. Bonded & Insured. Call Today (480) 951-4083 or sign up and get our Insiders Secrets to make an informed decision.


I Need An Angel started over 13 years ago because the industry was missing something. Experience showed other companies were treating Caregivers (employees) like an assembly line and that doesn’t create a good situation. Still today, 8 out of 10 clients join I Need An Angel because they could NOT depend on other providers.

We commonly hear from people (often in tears) XYZ company said “I won’t have my scheduled
Caregiver today, Can You Please Help?” You won’t ever hear from I Need An Angel, “sorry we don’t know
what to tell you”.  
What is YOUR Time, Energy and Money Worth to You?

One day we are going a million miles a minute with our day to day activities. Family, career, school, community and each week wraps around into another week and then something happens that throws your schedule into a new tailspin. Your priorities are immediately changed. Sometimes for a short while and sometimes forever. “Change can be a very scary thing.”

Sometimes we try to prepare ourselves but we can never really know what will be involved. We are never prepared for the learning experience we receive in such a short time and the roller-coaster emotions we will go through. I know. I’ve been there. Read My Story Here.

We offer a supportive environment. It is amazing to watch a Caregiver transform the attitude of someone who has lost some of their independence and freedom. We are in contact with the client, the family, and the Caregiver so we know we are exceeding everyone’s expectations. We know every company says they are the best. What we can tell you is, that it is important to us, to do a great job. We provide qualified, reliable, consistent, compassionate, and professional service. One to one personal focus on what you really want! Hourly, Live-In, Part Time, Full Time, All The Time, Sometimes, As Needed, Days, Nights, Weekends, & Holiday’s. We Are Here For You!

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We Provide “Caregivers You Can Depend On.”

The Best of Arizona Businesses Ranking Arizona AWARD WINNER VOTED #1 Home Care Company 2015, 2016 & 2018

"But there are also unknown unknowns, the ones we don't know we don't know." - Donald Rumsfeld

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