As always, one of our main team members is a four-legged friend. Beck’s rescue dog, Jasper, has become a vital part of the I Need An Angel team. Jasper comes with Beck every day to and from the office and although many do not know he is there he takes pride in being security, a reminder to go home whenever they have started work before the sun came up and the sun went down, and the much needed high five or paw in hand to break up always busy days.

As a rescue, Jasper was handicapped with entropion; if not for Beck, it was advanced enough that he would have become blind. Beck’s dog, Jax, became blind at the end of his life, so she was committed to saving Jasper’s eyesight. Beck wanted to also give him a comfortable and safe place with her family since, in addition to a medical challenge, it was obvious Jasper was hurt and terribly afraid of plastic bags or water coming anywhere near his face.

The Barcys know that the journey of life is better when traveled with a Fur Friend!