I started working with the talented team at I Need An Angel since September of 2021. While I may be very new to the team, I immediately felt welcomed and respected by all. I am thrilled to work with INAA because I have the opportunity to use my extensive background in hospitality in a new landscape. There is never a dull moment here at INAA: on any given day, we may be filling in shifts at the last second, handling client emergencies, or finding the perfect match of caregivers for our clients’ needs. Innocuous as it may seem, the office is always bustling and requires the team to be on high alert at all times. This is perfect for a fast-paced individual like me.

My experience is mostly derived from the restaurant industry. I first worked in full-service restaurants while attending college, and my obsession with food, beverage, and hospitality have only flourished since. In 2013, I graduated from Arizona State University with a B.S. in Management and Certificate in international Business four days before I turned twenty-one years old. I have goals of earning a Master’s Degree and PhD and owning a world-class restaurant before I turn thirty-five. Does this sound unachievable? I dare you to bet against me.