Update on Jasper- Beck’s 18-month-old SPCA Rescue

We got him from SPCA at 5 months. He is so cute that we couldn’t get why he had not been adopted as fast as his sib­lings. He had some hard knocks through his short life because he was afraid of loud noises or anything coming from over his head. Tums out what they thought was a little eye infection was Entropion – a condition that causes the eyelids to tum in and the eyelashes scrap the cornea – causing a lot of discom­fort and squinting eyes all the time. Some pups “grow into their face” but by bis birthday he had not. So our fur babies get the best care and after surgery by Dr. Ruth from EYE SHINE he is a happy and gentle and very loved pup and like, Jax, he has started to visit the office and become a valuable addition there as well!