Our daughter and pride and joy. Her strength, ingenuity, wisdom, endurance, and patience with constant change have been an inspiration for her family and co-workers. She brings true meaning to the quote:

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”
~Beverly Sills

Our Amanda has dedicated herself to what gives life meaning and purpose and making a difference in others’ lives. We are all so grateful for her service to building a company you can be proud of. I Need An Angel has contributed to providing jobs and connections that have improved the quality of life for Clients, their Families, Co-Workers, and the community. She has helped accomplish this even after struggling through a brain injury when in January of 2020, her husband and 3 of their children were in an auto accident that flipped their vehicle. Her tenacity in focusing on recovering with strenuous therapy was also inspiring. Although she struggles to multi-task as well as before, she continues her dedication to solving problems using out-of-the-box genius. Additionally, I Need An Angel has more awards for customer service than any other home care company and has more positive reviews in a great part to Amanda’s desire to continue to improve and create new processes based on feedback. WE LOVE YOU!