My Mom loves the famous Buddha’s quote “The trouble is, you think you have time.” As I was growing up, my Mom, always encouraged me to focus on what was important to me. She wanted me to focus my time on
what brought me the most happiness in life. Now, if l have learned anything from the loss of my brother recently, it is my point of view on the philosophy and value of life. I know now that you really have to make the best use of the time you have here on this ea1th. The saddest part for me when working with the elderly is that our Clients will still pass on, even with all the technology and advances in medicine, we leave and that is just part of life. I learned that nothing is harder than losing someone close to you and no matter how much you long for a just one more minute, you can’t get any time back.
Yesterday is really gone. I have a different perspective on how precious life is, life is soooooo short. We all need to STOP! Take a minute and do the simple things, NOW. Those simple things can make a big difference. Why? Because you don’t have that much time, none of us do.
A quote by Jim Rolm says it well, “Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it’s something you design for the present.” Happiness in life is a reflection on design, the design is the simple choices we make every day. The choices we make today, right now, in tum, design our future. Can it be that sim­ple? I find happiness by just stopping for a moment and watch­ing my children play. Those little smiles with laughter are music to my ears. What if one simple thing you can start today and even if you were gone tomorrow it would make the differ­ence. Maybe, it is to tell someone something about them that you are grateful for. Maybe, you have been meaning to end that letter or pick up the phone to make that call to say, “I Love You.” Please, do it NOW, Right NOW! What is one simple thing that would bring YOU happiness, too?