Dear Angel Families,

To our Clients, our Amazing Care Professionals and ALL Families we are thinking of YOU!

Please know many new protocols are being quickly implemented to safeguard Clients and Care Professionals to remain safe, healthy and educated. Please see download attached.

We hope that these challenges quickly fade and as a community, we are somehow stronger from this experience.

Our minds like to know who, how, when, and what but while we don’t have any solid answers, in these uncharted times, we can still choose Peace and protect our mind from additional mental virus.  We are compelled now to practice some self-care.  Somewhere in the middle of difficulty lies different ways of doing things.

Our routines have changed.  We may need to consider various options now for the future, when we do get back to a new normal.

For sure it is time to reach out more and let people know we love them.  This is an unusual season but we can weather through together.   -Sincerely With Love, Rebecca “Beck” Barcy


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