I Need An Angel “Caregivers You Can Depend On”… It is so true and here is an example!!!

Here is what happened today. Sometimes things go wrong. There is no guarantee everything will go right all the time. How a company responds when something goes wrong “that is very important”. It is important to be able to rely on your Home Care Agency. Very Important!

One of our Caregiver’s, who has been reliable for years, was on her way to a Client’s home very early this morning and her car broke down – it just shut off leaving her stranded on the side of the road.

Now we know 8 out of 10 Clients join I Need An Angel because they cannot depend on other providers. This is why… The call came in and then, I Need An Angel came to the rescue!!! We hear from new Clients all the time how other agencies make promises and then told them sorry I don’t know what to tell you, no one will be coming today. What would that feel like?

We quickly responded, two office staff jumped in, one to take a company vehicle (which we have as a backup just in case) to save the Caregiver. While the other office staff member went straight to the Clients home to pick her up so that she could arrive to her scheduled therapy massage, on time. When we called the Client to let her know that a situation arose and we may be a few minutes behind schedule, she was concerned she would need to cancel her appointment. No Need!

We are happy to report the Client arrived to her massage only 4 minutes late. The Caregiver arrived shortly after, with the other office staff, to be ready to take the Client home, after her appointment. The company vehicle was left with the Caregiver, and the office staff returned to the office.

At I Need An Angel, we are different! We did not call the Client and say so sorry the Caregivers Car broke down, you will have to cancel. The beautiful Client was not even inconvenienced. We are different, because “Love is the first order of business with us”, we are happy to be “Caregivers You Can Depend On”

If it is this important for us to make sure this Client wasn’t inconvenienced and that she arrived at her massage, image how great it is to have us on your side if there were a bigger issue!

Our creative solutions help reduce those unforeseen things.

YOU have never dealt with a Home Care Company that is there for YOU, like we are, in home, hospital or facility. Our 5 Star Awards, Our top 4 Ranking AZ and our reputation, proves it.